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Five AI Tools UX Researchers Should Be Using to Improve Their Work and Efficiency

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Five AI Tools UX Researchers Should Be Using to Improve Their Work and Efficiency Innovative AI-powered tools to try out UX researchers, it’s time to embrace the future! As AI continues to advance and integrate into various aspects of our lives, it’s essential for us to keep up with the game. Today, I want to share with you five AI-powered tools that will not only enhance your research efforts but also boost your efficiency in the UX field...

5 Free Remote UX Tools to Boost Your Workflow

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5 Free Remote UX Tools to Boost Your Workflow Discover budget-friendly solutions for remote UX research and collaboration 2 ½ minute read Hey there, fellow UX advocates! Working remotely can be challenging on its own, and even more difficult when you’re on a budget. Many of the most exciting and essential tools for conducting UX research and design come with heft monthly subscription costs. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back...

Remote UX Observation

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Remote UX Observation Getting Out of the Room to Enhance Team Participation In UX 4 ½ minute read One of the major tenets we adhere to as a team is transparency: All members of the team should have access to information about the project we’re working on. Designers, Developers, QA Analysts, Stakeholders: They all should have a complete picture of what’s going on and access to any details of the project that might help them gain product perspective and user insights...

InVision This

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InVision This Much more than fancy screenshots 2 ½ minute read As you’ve probably gathered if you’ve been following along, I spend a lot of time talking about tools. Too much, probably. Tools, after all, don’t make the craftsman. But, here I go again: After a couple of weeks using for a project of some complexity, I have to say. Wow. I’ve been aware of InVision for awhile, but always thought of it as a fancy presentation tool (which it is) and nothing more (which it isn’t)...

Know Your Tools

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Know your tools Investing time creating a basic toolkit early can really pay off 2 minute read Which design tools you use are far less important than how well you can use them. This became especially apparent after weeks of using a template I created for the last class. It was easy. The bugs were ironed out. It looked okay. It didn’t win me any points for creative vision but it was fast and got the job done...

Getting the Most Out of your CMS

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Getting the Most Out of your CMS 4½ minute read “We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” ― Marshall McLuhan When it comes to deciding on a content management system for a business or organization, how much should you expect your CMS to do? Is the solution you choose going to be a magic bullet that automatically enforces policy and standards?..