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Accessible Content and Media: Crafting Inclusivity in Digital Communication

Inside a crowded 1930s movie theater, showing a noir film. Monochrome, dramatic lighting.

Accessible Content and Media Crafting Inclusivity in Digital Communication 7 minute read Welcome back to our continuing series on web accessibility. Today, we turn our lens to a crucial aspect that often shapes the first impression of any digital platform: Content and Media. Accessibility in this realm isn’t just a compliance checkbox; it’s a commitment to inclusivity that opens doors for all users, regardless of their abilities. Writing Accessible Web Content Creating content that’s accessible to a broad audience means ensuring it’s understandable by everyone, regardless of their educational background, age, or cognitive ability...

Navigating Accessibility: Mastering Keyboard-Friendly Design

A desktop computer keyboard, warmly lit in dramatic lighting

Navigating Accessibility Mastering Keyboard-Friendly Design 8 minute read Keyboard navigation is essential for many users, including those with motor disabilities, temporary injuries, or a preference for keyboard use. It involves more than tabbing through links; it’s about ensuring all interactive elements are accessible without a mouse. Welcome back to our deep dive into web accessibility. After exploring color and contrast, we now focus on a vital yet often overlooked aspect: keyboard navigation...

I Asked ChatGPT to Fix My Website: How I Used AI to Enhance My Website's Accessibility

A robot examining a document. Maybe the CSS for my website?

I Asked ChatGPT to Fix My Website How I Used AI to Enhance My Website’s Accessibility 2 minute read Following up on my previous article about color and contrast ratio, it occurred to me that my own site could use a little attention in this area. It got me thinking: What would happen if I asked ChatGPT to analyze my stylesheet and make some recommendations for improvement? I wanted my contrast ratios to comply with WCAG 2...

Color and Contrast: Crafting Visually Accessible Websites

An abstract linear design of color and contrast

Color and Contrast Crafting Visually Accessible Websites 3 minute read Color and contrast are powerful tools in conveying meaning, function, and emotion on websites and applications. However, it’s crucial to recognize that these elements are perceived differently by individuals, impacting their experience with them. Welcome back to our series on designing accessible websites. Having laid the groundwork on accessibility basics and team roles, let’s turn our attention to a crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect of accessible design — color and contrast...

Starting with Accessibility in Mind: Building Inclusive Web Experiences

Construction workers and a backhoe, getting started on new construction

Starting with Accessibility in Mind Building Inclusive Web Experiences 5 minute read This is the second in a series of articles looking into the requirements, tools, and techniques surrounding accessible web design. In the journey of creating accessible web design, it’s crucial to start with a foundation that prioritizes accessibility from the outset. This second article in our series dives into how you can embed an accessibility-first mindset in your web projects from the beginning...

Understanding Web Accessibility: A Foundation for Inclusive Design

A woman in an orange jacket wearing sunglasses and headphones using a laptop in a cafe

Understanding Web Accessibility A Foundation for Inclusive Design 2.5 minute read This is the first in a series of articles looking into the requirements, tools, and techniques surrounding accessible web design In the digital world, there’s a crucial aspect of website design that often flies under the radar, especially for those new to the concept: accessibility. It’s about ensuring your website is usable by everyone, which includes people with disabilities...